Electroacoustic lecture-performance on sound, technology & the nonhuman | approx. 20 mins

Nicholas Brown giving lecture-performance

Repercussion (2022) is a 20-minute lecture-performance piece that investigates how field recording can help us rethink our relation to so-called ‘nature’. It was created for the Irish Museum of Modern Art’s inaugural eco festival Earth Rising and premiered on October 23, 2022.

Programme notes

Recent writings on planetary challenges highlight the need for humans to rethink their relation to so-called nature. If we want to find lasting solutions to critical issues, we need to shift from a ‘technology will save us’ approach to one in which we rethink our relation to the nonhuman.

Still image from Repercussion by Nicholas Brown

Repercussion investigates the nonhuman sound field of the IMMA site through electronic soundscape. The title of the work has two meanings––repercussion naturally calls attention to human impact on nonhuman things such as the ‘burning ambitions of fossil-making man’ (Haraway). But it also refers to a creative term used in music studies to describe the reflection or repetition of a sound––for example, a recorded bio/geophonic sound that is reiterated through human perception-engagement. Overall, the performance makes a commingling of the human and nonhuman, mediated by digital technology and in the context of IMMA’s situated ecology.

Still image from Repercussion by Nicholas Brown