automated, elm wood monochord with brass harpsichord wire; headphones, microphone, computer, maxMSP.


Exhibition notes

Medicatio (2013) is an interactive sound installation. Participants recline on a hospital bed, wear a pair of headphones and listen to a live audio feed of an automated monochord, situated nearby. By intoning the pitch of this monochord into a microphone, the visitor is able to control what they hear in the headphones. Each time they ‘match’ the pitch of the monochord with their singing, exactly, they extend the duration of the monochord sound, thus ‘zooming in’ on the sound and exploring its sonic qualities.

Medicatio was first exhibited as part of From Birdsong to Light a solo exhibition of sound installations by Nicholas Brown, Hungate Medieval Art, Norwich, from May 25 to June 16, 2013.

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