The Soul Finds Rest in Unity


installation for a domestic environment


The Soul Finds Rest in Unity is a mixed media installation for a domestic environment. It comprises a collection of drawings, sketches, sculptural objects, documents, sound & video works, each of which relates to The Bravery of Women, Nicholas Brown’s 2006 work for violin/voice after Plutarch’s Moralia.

The installation was originally presented in a hotel suite at The George Hotel, Huddersfield, UK, to coincide with Monica Germino’s performance of The Bravery of Women at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 2007.

Exhibition notes

The Soul Finds Rest in Unity explores what it means to play a musical instrument and have control over its physical construction. What trials must a violinist surmount for musical purposes? How must she adapt her body to master its stringed, wooden prosthesis?

The Soul Finds Rest in Unity at The George Hotel, Huddersfield, November 2007

The installation acknowledges that the skills performers present on concert platforms are skills typically honed in sequestered environments that are withdrawn from public visibility. The presentation at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival therefore included a series of short, serendipitous violin performances of fragments from The Bravery of Women in the hotel suite. Any visitor to the exhibition, who happened to encounter one of these short acts of music-making, witnessed a form of musical performance distinct from the presentational nature of public concertizing.


Graphical representation of Andante from J.S. Bach's Violin Sonata No. 2 in A minor

Amidst the subjectivity of its domestic context, the visual and aural elements of The Soul Finds Rest in Unity also explore the tension between musical composition as pre-authored text and music-making as embodied action. They address the role of the notated musical score, as a vessel of a composer’s imagination that establishes difference between ‘rehearsal’ and ‘performance’; between ‘composer’ and ‘performer’. In addressing such questions, the installation explores the ‘distance’ between music as a public, cultural practice and individual, human concerns as basic as the daily need for shelter and subsistence.


41 superimposed graphite traces based on isolated video frames of a violin performance.

Mixed media motion studies of a violin performance

Excerpts from sound works

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