13-14 AUGUST, 10pm, Riverside Studios, London. Tickets £6 (£4)

Following the sell-out performance of AS I HAVE NOW MEMOYRE (2008) at Kings Place in February, Riverside Studios in London will host two performances during the Tête_ à _Tête festival of opera. Linda Hirst leads the cast, with Natasha Lohan, Nicholas Brown and Timothy Connor.

For information and tickets on the Riverside web site, click here

What is it in the activity of making music that gives us access to our past? How does music find clarity in the muddiness of memory? AS I HAVE NOW MEMOYRE (2008), investigates the psychology of singing through the relationship between a singing teacher (Linda Hirst) and her pupil (Natasha Lohan). The performers build an installation-set during the show by suspending polythene walls from the ceiling and transforming the space into a nexus of rooms. The pupil assembles a bird chamber to make an aviary for a quartet of  ‘birds’ that ‘sings’ eighteenth-century music. The audience is invited to wander through the installation while the performers decode musical notation with mirrors and trace salt-patterns in red paint. Halfway through the show, one performer leaves the space and begins her own, satellite performance.