The Bravery of Women features as part of Monica Germino’s new solo programme, ‘PLUGGED & UNPLUGGED’, for violin, electric violin & voice with soundtrack, effects, samples, film, movement and installations. The programme includes pieces written especially for Monica, such as Louis Andriessen’s XENIA, Heiner Goebbels’s BAGATELLEN FUR VIOLINE as well as a version of Michael Gordon’s INDUSTRY for adapted violin and Philip Glass’s STRUNG OUT.

THE BRAVERY OF WOMEN comprises sung and spoken text, video, choreographed movement, electronics and live violin. It is the latest in my series of works that explores that nature of musical experience using both musical and non-musical media. The work is a transdisciplinary paean to musical performance that compares the act of practising the violin to the Egyptian legend of Isis & Osiris. As Isis reunited the dismembered parts of Osiris’s body, so the violinist seeks to reassemble fragmented phrases from a sonata by JS Bach.