Being among the living

January 01, 2011 · Journal-article

Cover of Organised Sound


In this article, I argue that the relationship between performers, audience members, electronic technologies and the wider, physical context of the performance environment may be redefined by developing the ‘concert’ model of electroacoustic performance. I propose that managing proximity between audience members and performers plays a catalytic role in a process through which the human voice may emerge from its status as an ‘instrument’ for the delivery of notated musical ideas to, simply, ‘voice’. To illustrate, I refer to As I Have Now Memoyre, my 2008 installation-performance on the relationship between music, memory and the passing of time. Accordingly, I investigate the way in which a performer is able to assert her ontological reciprocity with the total performance environment by ‘embodying’ the electronic processing, asserting continuity between the electronically mediated performance and the performance rendered by her own unaided body.

Published in Organised Sound (Cambridge University Press) Volume 16, Issue 2: Performance Ecosystems, August 2011, pp. 176-183